SINTRA spol.s r.o. was established in 1990 in Bratislava focusing on import, distribution and export of agricultural and food products.

With respect to import, we focus on selected product groups which either can not be made in Slovakia because agricultural products from primary production are not available and/or the Slovak food-processing industry does not produce them. These product are:

  • Tinned fish,
  • Special fruit and vegetable products,
  • Special dairy products,
  • Instant coffe products,
  • Spices and other specialities.

In Slovakia, SINTRA represents and imports the products of several well-known foreign producers. As far as the import countries are concerned, we have been focusing on EU countries (Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Austria, Greece, Czech Republic, Hungary), Croatia, Turkey, Thailand and others.


We distribute the goods to companies all over Slovakia, including several multinational retail chains such as COOP, CBA, TESCO, METRO, BILLA, AHOLD. Our storage facilities and logistics allow flexible supplies of imported goods to our clients all over Slovakia.


SINTRA exports primarily Slovak dairy products, mainly dry milk, butter and cheese. Our export is targeted predominantly at EU countries.

1994 was a milestone in the company's history. In 1994, the company expanded and started with direct sales of the whole range of food products and accessories in the region of Poprad. The poprad's branch operates its own wholesale facilities, Cash & Carry retail and a network of 28 retail outlets. Our supplies can reach you within 24 hours all over Slovakia.

The company's latest activity to date was the 1999' opening of a sports' division in Trencin. In the Slovak Republic, SINTRA is the exclusive representative of RUCANOR, a well-known Dutch sportswear brand. We import the products of this famous producer of sportswear and sport accessories and distribute them directly to sports stores and retail chains (TESCO) across Slovakia. Apart from RUCANOR, SINTRA is the exclusive representative of other sports brands such as a HUMMEL, LACKNER (hiking shoes), SINNER (eyewear) and HUMI OUTDOOR (outdoor clothers). In year 2003 SINTRA entered new fast growing segment of golf by representing brands like LEGEND.

The company made structural chage in 2005. "SINTRA s.r.o." - division sport was tranformed into "SINTRA sport, s.r.o." and became a daughter company of SINTRA s.r.o.

Sintra spol. s r.o. has been operating on the Slovak market for 20 years and since 1995 has had a firm position in top 20 amongst the strongest trade companies in Slovakia. The motto of our company - as well as of our 500 employees - is "Making our partners and customers happy remains our greatest challenge for the future".

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